2023: Abaribe Mocked For Endorsing Atiku’s Presidential Aspiration


2023: Abaribe Mocked For Endorsing Atiku’s Presidential Aspiration

Yesterday, the IPOB Spokes man, Enyinnaya Abaribe joined the group of Senators that endorsed Atiku for 2023 Presidential Election.

Read that again, Enyinnaya Abaribe believes Atiku is the right choice for 2023 Presidency not an Igbo man.

Today I’m being tracked all over Southeast because I Support Buhari.

Buhari is Fulani, Atiku is Fulani, they are both Muslims and they are both farmers. The only difference and what made Abaribe a legitimate son of Igbo land is because his Principal (Atiku) is not in the APC.

When you hear me Criticising Ndigbo on daily basis, this is the reason.

Igbos remain the most Fool!sh tribe in Nigeria as far as Politics is concerned.

Yes Abaribe stands with Nnamdi Kanu, but he wants another Notherner to take over from Buhari in 2023.

Abaribe that is queuing up to collect Atiku’s dollars in order to install another Fulani man as the president.i beg he go get time for that one when Tinubu dun win the election and dem go use that one to remain relevant again for another 4 years

Senator, Enyinnaya Abaribe is endorsing another Fulani grandpa after shouting for years on how the Fulanis have been k!!ling Igbos.

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No be juuju be that ��

Atiku is not Fulani ,he is from Umuahia ��

This is Abaribe with Atiku, a Fulani Muslim from the north
Infact he is promising him votes from the SouthEast for 2023.
Please where are my east friend,I tot it’s ur turn
Should we call this SABO or he is doing ur biding

U only hate buhari but don’t mind to be slave to Fulani

Isn’t that Abaribe? �

So he’s equally rooting for another Northern-Fulani Muslim.

But the MUGU will tomorrow tell his people that the same Northern-Fulani are the source of his people’s predicaments. It’s ok.



Presidency must be zoned to the Southeast, Igbo presidency is non-negotiable, an Igbo person must replace Buhari in 2023; for Nigeria to remain united, yen yen….

This is where the IPOB Senator, Abaribe eventually landed oo�����

IPOB in the mud!!����

If Abaribe is supporting Atiku then he is a betrayal. South East elites are always selling their own people for their own selfish interests. Mumu people.

Tell that to PDP.senetor Abaribe who is supposed to champion the course for a southeastern presidential candidate, has sold out to Atiku.Peter Obi is nowhere to be found!! The #IGBO s, it appears are the real Fulani slaves. No be juju be that? Una mumu never do?

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