Congratulations!! Emmanuella celebrate her uncle! – Reaction as Nigerian Star Comedian Mark Angel finally reveals his Wife and Daughter – Shares they Wedding picture. Let’s celebrate him!! [photos]

A lot of people have absolutely no idea whether Mark Angel is married or not. Some say he is married, some say he is engaged, while others have absolutely no clue.

Another thing many people get confused about is whether or not Mark Angel has any children. While some people, on the other hand, claim he has as much as four children.

Due to the numerous confusion, we have carried out thorough research in order to provide you with all the information you need regarding his supposed beautiful wife and daughter.

Mark Angel was born on 27 May 1991. He is a Nigerian comedian, scriptwriter, and video producer, best known for the Mark Angel Comedy series which premieres on YouTube.

Mark Angel is currently engaged to a beautiful woman named Amanda Josh. Meanwhile, many people refer to her as his wife, claiming they had a secret marriage.

As a matter of fact, Mark has never confirmed having any secret wedding with Amanda in any of the interviews he’s offered.

One of the few times Mark Angel openly talked about his relationship with her was when he shared a picture of himself standing beside her and captioned it saying, “my mum brought a girl from the village and said she wants me to marry a village girl.” That was obviously a joke.

He also stylishly debunked those reports in a post he shared on Instagram in June 2020. He has on multiple occasions referred to her as his girlfriend – not his wife, as has been falsely reported on several platforms.

In any case, many people fondly refer to her as his wife, and it doesn’t appear like that will change any time soon.

Clearly, the fact that they live together in their Port Harcourt home has contributed to that widespread narrative.

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