“I will never leave my husband even if he cheats on me” – Seun Kuti’s wife declares

Controversial Afrobeat singer, Seun Kuti, and his wife, Yetunde Kuti, speak on their ideology on cheating in marriage while stating the next line of approach should it happen.

During a recent Valentine’s edition of the TVC program, Your View, Seun Kuti’s wife who appeared alongside him, revealed that she would not leave him if he were to cheat on her.

Seun also stated when asked that he would not leave his wife if she were to be unfaithful while adding that he believes that infidelity is not a deal-breaker in their marriage.

“There is nothing my husband is going to do that would make me leave him. Even if he cheats on me I won’t leave him. I am not going to leave my husband because he cheated on me. Nah, that can’t happen,” Yetunde stated.

Seun added, “We don’t believe in cheating. What is cheating? Love is not ownership.”

One of the hosts further asked the singer, “Would you leave her [your wife] if she cheats on you.”

He affirmatively responded no while declaring that it has nothing to do with everything he and his wife share in their marriage.

“No. What has that got to do with anything?” he said.

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