7 Ingredients Of An Irresistible Offer

7 Ingredients Of An Irresistible Offer essential to nail every deal.

1. It Must Be Solving A Deep Problem

– Your offer must be able to solve a very important problem

Because you’ve experienced a problem doesn’t mean it’s a great problem to make an offer on

Don’t be “self emotional” with offers.

Pay close attention to what your customers really need.

2. Bonuses

– Bonuses are key factor to making your offer irresistible

Bonuses increases perceived Value And of course, Fast action bonuses increases Conversion

3. Greed

Understand the concept of perceived Value and Real price of your offer

When perceived Value is greater than the fee, greed sets in and it becomes a no brainier

Let the customers win

And it’s not like you are losing

4. Urgency/Scarcity

– Make sure there’s a time limit

You can’t just make an offer and leave people to take a decision on their own

People usually procrastinate. Yeah it’s Nature

You must make them buy on the spot or run to get money and buy

5. Social Proof

– The major reason don’t buy is because of RISK

Risk of been Scammed,

Risk of not getting Value.

When people know you, like you, trust you; the risk factor goes down the rail.

When you reduce the risk of doing business with you,

BOOM! Sales Increase

6. Testimonies

– People will respond more to testimonies; either cold or warm audience.

When cooking an irresistible offer, you must add spice of testimonies

Sprinkle it all around

Gather as much testimonials as possible from people

People believe what others say about you more than what you say about yourself…

Now let’s go to number last

7. Sell Results Not Feature

Sell the destination not the journey

People buy the result from your offer

People don’t buy offers, they buy solution

Focus 90% on the final results people will get from your offer and 10% on what they will do.

Hope I delivered Value?..

If you think there’s more to add to the list, please feel free to share your thought via the comment section


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