7 inspirational bible peoms

These few Inspirational bible peoms are carefully in alignment with the bible and I hope you will find Inspirational zeal you need from them.  Read with a calm mind. 7 inspirational bible peoms

1. HE TIED THEM TAIL TO TAIL (Judges 15:4)

Samson went out and caught three hundred foxes and tied them tail to tail in pairs.

He did to them tail to tail, a tail to tail fire

It takes a fox that has tail to be tied to another with tail

Samson tied them tail to tail, lit the torches and there was ignition

I hope you know that it’s iron that sharpeneth iron and not wood

Hope the brother or sister you want to tie your tail with is not tailless?

One of you cannot burn alone, the fire will soon go out.

Check the brother or sister’s tail before you tie yours with him or her

Let it be a tail that will cause ignition when you both tie your tail together

Beloved, do well to tie your tail with a fuel and not a fire extinguisher

Fuel will keep you both burning for God, a fire extinguisher will kill your fire

Hope you know that the fire on the altar must not go out?

So, you need to pray and know the will of God for your life before tying your tail to anyone

Two are better than one

Whom have you tied your tail with?

You must not tie your tail to someone that’s tailless!!!

2. ELIAB!!!

Physically fit and gigantic appearance but spiritually unfit

Eliab, full of physical strength but empty of spiritual strength

Looks are not everything. Yes! They are not.

Eliab can be a sister or a brother so beautiful and handsome but weigh nothing internally

Eliab’s life depicts that for annoiting to come, it does not attract the head

Anointing does not look at the outer appearance, it doesn’t look at physical strength

It’s the heart that attracts annointing

Don’t be impressed with his looks and stature, I have already eliminated him – the Lord told Samuel

Eliab a man full of flesh

Annoiting couldn’t come on him because his heart wasn’t right with God

Eliab can also deceive you in choosing your life partner, be careful! Do not go for looks alone!!!

How is your heart?

How pure are your intentions?

What are your thoughts?


A man of right standing,
A man of unreserved obedience,
A loyal man to the core,
A man of unwavering consecration.

A man of unbroken consecration even when his master had broken his,
A disciplined and a faithful soldier,
A man who didn’t change his lifestyle because of sudden blessings,
One who didn’t change status because of a sudden breakthrough.

His heart was for God’s Glory,
Though tempted by his master yet he maintained his stand,
How could I go and sleep with my wife when men are on the battle field? he questioned himself,
A selfless man indeed!

Hmm… Uriah preferred to sleep at the door of the king’s house with all the servants of his Lord than to go down to his house to eat,drink and make Love to his wife
Think about this!!!


A mist is an alternative,
A temporary appearance,
Though it may come with noise,Sparks,
Yet,it remains a mist- coming up from the Earth to water the surface of the ground for a while.

“Give us a king to lead us” they kept disturbing Samuel,
They refused to listen to Samuel,
We want a king over us not minding if the king was one that has been made,
They wanted a king so badly that they were blindfolded by the conditions for the urgent king.

The Lord did gave them a king,
An unprepared,an uncooked, an unmade, an unformed one,
The conditions about the given king started coming up,
They realised their sins for asking for a king.

His Kingdom didn’t endure,
He sure stumbled cos he was a mist,
When the one whom God has sat upon is ready,
One whom he had prepared, cooked and incubated on is ready, mist will surely leave.

All the days of Saul there was bitter war with the Philistines(1 Sam 14:52)….. Don’t be in a hurry, surrender to process, lest you become a mist


What is your bethel?
Where could be your bethel?
Your house or a little corner in your room?
Where is the place to which you return when God is calling you to repent?

It’s time to go back to bethel,
That place where God was first in your place,
That place where the things of God truly excited and enthused you.
Why not return to your bethel?

Though it may be painful to go back to bethel,
But when we run ahead, it must be done,
When we move out of His will, it must be done,
When we need to affirm our Grace and God, it must be done.

Have you forgotten your bethel experience?
Arise, let’s go back to bethel,
Let’s go back to find power, purity and peace,
Let’s go back and fall in love with the Lord again.

And let’s arise and go up to beth-el – Genesis 35:3


He was the head tax man,
An influential Jew in the Roman tax- collecting business,
Quite rich, lacking nothing materially,
Viewed as his countrymen as a traitor, having an opulent lifestyle.

Having heard of Jesus,
He wanted to see Him,
If I can get a look at Him only -he thought,
Tried so many times but couldn’t see Him because of his small stature.

He made an extraordinary effort just to see the man- Jesus,
He ran on ahead and climbed a tree,
Little did he know that Jesus had been following him through his heart,
He desperately needed some good news in his life! He wanted to experience Jesus.

The one who knew his heart desires called out to him,
I am not worthy to have you as my guest- he thought,
Jesus called out to him while others grumbled and he hurried down,
He received the good news joyfully.

He solemnly promised to give half of his income to the poor and do all necessary restitutions,
His actions revealed that his repentance and faith were genuine,
Jesus found him just as he was,
Which signifies that no one is beyond saving.

Only for you to come to Him, just as you are!. Will you come to Him?

7. Will you wait?

She was also determined at first,
She said she will go with her mother -in-law,
She also promised not to leave her,
But her promises were temporary.

Her mother -in-law started giving them terms and conditions,
I’m too old to have an husband,
And if I should have and bear sons,
Would you tarry for them till they were grown? Her mother-in-law said.

Why will I stay with this old woman where there is no hope anymore? She asked herself,
She gave in to the terms her mother-in-law put down,
She kissed her goodbye,
She returned to her gods and was given no resolution.

Hmm..Ruth embraced her,
She clung on to her,
Admist the pain and sufferings,
She insisted on staying with her and everything worked out for her.

When things are not going on well and in the storms of life,
When you are down in the valley and the strong tides lift,
Will you hold on like Ruth and Job?
Or go back like Orpah?


I hope you will find these few inspirational bible peoms helpful


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