I was broken… Yeah completely broken
If I wasn’t hurt, I wouldn’t have spoken

I was shattered, yeah completely shattered
Ever since I confirmed the separation, I knew my world had scattered

Direct me to a bridge please, I’ll walk on it and then jump off
The relationship I’ve been nurturing with care, love and affection has just been called off

I don’t know what to do or where to start from
Even if I find a bridge now, I don’t know where to jump from

I was restless all through the night
I lay on my bed as tears soaked my sheet and cloud my eyes

Honestly speaking I’m seriously hurt
And if care is not taken, I might go nuts

I trusted you with everything I had
And me coping with this separation, it’s gonna be hard

I started writing this with my eyes clouded with tears
And now I trip and fall at every step I take cos I’m blinded by my fears

Look, (sigh) forget it, maybe I’m just overreacting
You stood me up for no reason, it’s not like I did anything

You’ve made your choice, I guess you’re already in love with another
I went to a bar to clear my head, I sat for hours and forgot to place my order

Do you want to leave? It’s alright I’ll survive, you can go
There’s no point begging, I’ve tried and all I’ve heard from you is “NO”

You’ve broken me, you’ve turned me into a monster, you’ve released another beast
You made me, but I’ll make many more, I’ll break others until I find peace

Am now a waiter, no sorry I mean Chef, and I’ll serve everyone breakfast
I’ll create my recipe for heartbreak, so once I serve you, eat fast.

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By: Emmanuel Obadare (a.k.a Adeoba)

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