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To Israel Jr,
My Dear Boy,

I especially find it a little funny writing this letter to you, knowing you are yet in the future. Yeah it’s a little weird, I understand. I can only imagine the big puzzle on your face right now, reading a letter from a man who calls you his boy even though you don’t know him. If I received such a letter myself, I don’t think my heart could survive it. But maybe that’s why I’m writing to you in the first place., Because I know you well. And I know you are strong. Somehow I know when you eventually read this, you won’t be as freaked out as I would have been. You are my son after all, and I know you well.

Knowing you in and out, I’m smiling right now at your unsatisfied curiosity. “Who the heck is this unknown guy? And how in a million worlds does he know me this much?” I can almost hear you say. well… How do I explain this? Alright, let’s just say, you are my son. And ultimately, you belong to my future. So although you exist now in “your present”, you are only but an imagination in “my present” therefore I have the power to imagine you anyway I decide. You see, there’s no easy way to explain it after all. The universe and science are one big joke the world has come to accept.

Speaking of the world my dear boy, that’s exactly why I’m writing to you right now. I know it’s all hard to believe your eyes, but yes, it’s really me, your Dad sending you this letter from the other side. And I need you to read every word carefully and know them by heart. So you will be better prepared when arrive.


You might have guess it already, Daddy is in a place called Nigeria and quite honestly it’s not like anything you know or where you are right now. You see, I know you are in Nigeria also, But yours is in the Future, whereas mine is in the present – your past. I really hope you are following.

As a kid growing up, this is the Nigeria you’ll meet right now when you arrive. Unlike the bliss you know over there, there won’t be stable power supply. I know you can’t relate because the future – where you are, power is always uninterrupted. But my boy, you’ll have to grow into that.

To be realistic, not everyone you will meet down here has a good heart. Sad, but true. I’ve lived here long enough to understand that life might not always be as nice to you as you fantasised, but you can choose everyday to always lead a beautiful life by giving love to every man you see.

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In more practical terms, the society I live in has absolutely no hospitality to offer liabilities hence you must make yourself indispensable. Never forget what I just said. So make sure you come with a digital skill. That way, you’ll be absolutely irreplaceable. My world is almost moving into the internet. But I guess you already know that, you are in the future after all!

I would really love to tell you more about Nigeria, so you’ll be ready for all the shocks you’ll be greeted with. But I guess it’s better I show you firsthand when you arrive. It’s quite a crazy world down here I must be honest with you, but I promise to always be there when you need me. That’s what all Daddies do, isn’t it?

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I know all these still seem strange to you. But In a few years time, it will all make sense. Don’t worry, you will love Nigeria, Daddy will make sure you do. Till then, enjoy the future while I do my best to win your mummy’s heart.

With love from the other side,
Your dad, Israel.

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