Where do we go from here? A country “Nigeria” gained her independent in the year “Oct 1, 1960 gaining freedom from external slavery and bondage. Indirect rule was the system used in running administration dated back in the 19th century, this had negative impacts on the people of Nigeria & WEST Africa as a whole. Expectation of raw material and natural resources became normal for the white masters, since our faces were covered with veil of Ignorance.

A new wave of slavery emanates having gained freedom from the colonial devils, west Africa had the privilege to rule her own domain, create good governance and promote stability, but exceptionally, Nigeria has found herself drowning in another phase of internal slavery.

Exploitation of the citizens has been part of the System, economy of the 18th and 19th Century now defeat the one of the 21st century because those elected by the citizens are now a thorn in the flesh of Citizens who voted them in.

The Nigeria of my dream hasn’t been fulfilled yet and its important for all bonafide and good citizens of this great country to have their dreams come true because positivity and change is all what we have been longing for, even before gaining freedom from the white European masters.

A new Nigeria which covers all areas of humanities I.e politically serving the people as much as they want, positively, ease for both young and old, equal rights /opportunities for all regardless of the social status or parastatus.

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The big issue is about where to go from here?, taking a close look at it, listed above is how we can make a new Nigeria.

Change is constant and I vividly agree that Nigeria would transform and get a better turn around if we come together to make it the Nigeria of our dreams. Not forgetting Nigeria is a country flowing with milk and honey where do we go to when leaving a good and comfy country?

There is no where to go, all we need to do is to unite as one, and make Nigeria a better place to live.


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