AHIMAAZ, THE MESSENGER (2 Samuel 18:19-33)

“Then Zadok’s son  Ahimaaz said, let me run to the king with the good news that the Lord has rescued him from his enemies” (2 Samuel 18:19)

Ahimaaz was a good man whose responsibility was to carry only good tidings, he became known for good news only that was why the king said “He is a good man and commeth with good tidings”

A good messenger whose first tiding saved the king (2 Samuel 17: 17-21), who later lost his credibility due to his motive and could not deliver the message properly

Imagine, running all the way only to deliver the message saying, he ever knew what was happening, _” I  saw a great tumult, but I knew not what it was”_

He crossed the line when he carried another man’s message (2 Samuel 18:22)

He wanted to be part of the story, to achieve this, he cut all corners

When a messenger is after selfish gains, he will run errands not meant for him, he will expend energy and resources for nothing

He wasn’t a bad messenger but he went out with incomplete information, he lacks content

The moment a minister allows his motive to drift to self-gratification he will gradually slide off track

While Ahimaaz was running to deliver an incomplete message to the king, there is Cush  thinking of how best to deliver the message

Cush wasn’t disturbed nor picked up a fight with Ahimaaz when he outran him because he knows he has the complete message

When a man longs for acceptability among men, there is no way he will remain loyal to God

When the Motive is, therefore, Pure, crossing the line becomes difficult

Check that driver called MOTIVE

Our Motives says it all. Search my heart, dear Lord!


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