I don’t have to call your name

But listen to me all the same

I was uneasy on Tuesday night
I couldn’t sleep, strive as I might

I felt awful for what I did
And your forgiveness only is what I need

Depicting an apology is all I can do
Which I have done with the light of a candle

I never intended to hurt you
Now that I have, I am apologising to you

This is an attempt to avoid malice
Because it can build a wall of silence

The silence that will make me feel extreme guilt
And might slowly lay the foundation of hatred being built

Oh so hard it is in rhyme
Writing and cancelling all the time

Just to create a perfect apology
Free from unwanted tautology

To be presented to you as a friend
So you wouldn’t consider me to be a friend

Hope you enjoyed my couplet
I have a lot more in a personal booklet

I’m sorry, I’m sorry
Speak to me please because I worry.


I don’t know how this came
But I swear it’s not a game
Whenever I call your name
My bird tries to do the same

I’m sure you’ve not heard
That I own a little bird
I hear your voice in my head
Whenever I lay on my bed.

A foreign woman is a vulture
I prefer one who knows my culture
Your absence is like torture
Especially when studying horticulture

I’ve been hoping and praying every day
That I can find the way
To the place where you stay
In case there might be a day

I’ll be able to take you out on a date
To somewhere beyond your gate
Although we won’t stay out late
We’ll just have a plate

By: Emmanuel Obadare (a.k.a. Adeoba)

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  1. Wow….this is lovely. I could use this anytime I wrong a friend, bcos I’m the type that don’t like to apologize…LOL…bcos I wouldn’t know wat to say at that time.

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