CRUISE WORLD: Molested Lady opens up to her boyfriend on her past events.

Cruise World Speaker Narrates: A girl and a guy in a relationship going well moving. And another guy do disturb the lady for a year. But the lady consider to visit him with a clean heart.But when the lady got there the guy raped her and decided to give her 5000 Naira.

But but the lady refused to collect the money. When this Lady got home she taught about it. And the lady conscience was frightening her whether to tell his boyfriend about it or not. But unfortunately due to the love they both shared and all the promises she made with his boyfriend, that no man will ever climb on her except when they break up.

But the lady was confused. And later after 2 days, she took a bold step and told her boyfriend on phone. Her boyfriend was very angry and spoke different insultive words to the her. The next day the guy called the lady to come to his house so that they will settle it.

the boyfriend question her that why did she went there? and the lady open up and said because he has been disturbing her for the past a year now so she just decided that she should pay him a visit. Above all the guy told her that nobody is above mistake despite all the noise the guy made on her.

The guy pledge that it was in the consent of anger that he spoke. and the guy tell the lady to promise that she will not do such a thing even to go ahead and greet a guy at home. And the lady use a Bible to they are going along with their relationship.


Now the problem is that where do you think the relationship can land?
Because the guy always think the lady is lying whenever the lady is telling him the truth.

Another question is can the trust still continue like before?

and what should the lady do to make the guy trust her ? because she already valve in a heart not to lie to the guy.

Answers below

Bimbo adviced: I understand you, the girl has a guilty conscience…but I would rather advice her not to tell her bf
Because first true love or no true love, her bf will never trust her again…and since the rape don’t have any effect to her, she should rather feel sorry and keep it to her self

But moreover why will she have a rape case and keep mute at first, is she scared or what, Secondly, her bf will surely ask her why she went to a stranger place…why can’t they meet in public at first

Though the girl fucked up, but what has happened has happened Since she can’t broadcast about her rape case, she should rather keep mute and continue her relationship, Everybody has a past
Sad tho.

Adeola reacts: the point is that no one know what will happen next.. and she made a mistake by going to the guys place fine, we know that..

she should take contraceptives and she should tell her boyfriend the truth because if he finds out later, it will be another issue again..if she has been a trust worthy person before then he will understand.

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Pappy react: What I think about this matter , First is that she can go for a check-up Incase if the guy has any internal illness which can be transmitted sexually and based on this case this is pure sexual assult and even jungle Justice is allowed

She should make sure she’s safe so she won’t have problems in the future and she should surely tell her boyfriend because it would hurt more if he were to find out himself or from someone else who knows because humans are really funny…

As a guy who loves and support her all he needs to do is to give the guy who committed the assult what he deserves and they should go on with their life as they would see it as a forgotten incident…

Being raped doesn’t mean you don’t have a life anymore or you don’t have your self respect or self esteem intact because at first she went to the guys place to see him based on first time and he took advantage of her sincerity.

Sammyfash react: The girl should just continue to do d things dat pleases her bf in as much as she loves him. Bt if I were d girl, I will leave d girl. How can there be love without trust

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