General Management and function of management

The word management has many definitions
Management is concerned with systematic organization of economic resources to make these resources productive
Management can also be defined as the act of working with people to determine and achieve an organizational goals and objectives
Management is achieved through a Manager and his team
Now who is a manager?

A manager is a person responsible for directing the operations of an organization , he’s or her sole aim is to achieve the goal of the organization through the use of available resources and his team effort

Now back to management
What makes management possible?
What are those things that make the goal of an organization attainable through management?
Those things are the skills, elements and functions of management


Skills, elements and functions of management 
1. Planning
5. Controlling
7. Evaluating
8. Motivation
Now I will be explaining two elements and functions of management

PLANNING – it is the will and intention of carrying out some actions.

…Planning is concerned with the determination of the objectives to be achieved at the course of action.
ORGANISING – it involves identification of activities
required for the achievement of enterprise objectives and implementation of plans; grouping of activities into jobs; assignment
of these jobs and activities to departments and individuals.
STAFFING – it is the process of recruiting, selecting, employing, training and developing people into productive working environment.
DIRECTING – It is the dissemination of orders and the acceptance and execution of orders.
CONTROLLING – It is the process which ensures that the intended and desired result of an organization are achieved.
In other words it involves the proper monitoring of operative performance and effectiveness of resources.
MOTIVATING – It deals with appreciating the employees so as to let them put in their best. I.e to work bound their ordinary levels to accomplish goals and objectives.
….it simply means influencing  other people to perform there duties and obligation in an organization


DECISION MAKING – it is the process of generating and evaluating alternative ideas or solutions to problems and making choice among alternatives.
In every society we have two types of organization which are formal and informal organization.
And this organizations there are certain things that guide there activities.
An organization is a combination of d necessary human beings, material,tools, equipment and working space brought together to accomplish a desired objective or goals.
While management is that which leads guides and directs an organization for the accomplisment of pre determined objective.

With this concepts have given,one thing that will come to mind is how to achieve all this in the right sense.

Theory is an assumption given towards something.
Theory has no evidence, it’s only an assumption
According to Feigel (1987) , theory refers to a set of assumptions and belief about a phenomenon.
In organization and a management as a guide for managerial actions. It is instructive to note that because principles of management have to do with  human behavior, they are not as exact or infallible as principle of the physical sciences.
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