How Oyo Police Officers Tasered My Friend To Death After Wrongful Arrest – Nigerian Man Narrates


Speaking with FIJ, Temitope said the police officers used a taser on his friend for a prolonged period of time which led to his death.

“A plumber, Temitope, has narrated how four police officers attached to the Apata Police Command in Oyo State killed his 21-year-old friend and colleague, Ridwan Olanrewaju.

Speaking with FIJ, Temitope said the police officers used a taser on his friend for a prolonged period of time which led to his death.

According to him, he and his friends were drinking garri (cassava flakes) in their house in Apata, on February 24, when four police officers in mufti entered his room and asked them to all face the floor.

He said: “They seized our phones. We thought they were thieves at first. But we realised they were officers. We tried to find out what our offences were, but they started using a taser on us. Some of us still have marks on our bodies.

“One of the police officers used the taser on Olanrewaju four times. They said they had met him elsewhere as a fraudster, but he insisted that he was not a fraudster. The pain later led to his death.”

He said the officers later forced them into a vehicle with tinted glass. Temitope added that he and others appealed to the officers to take Olanrewaju to the hospital, seeing his condition was getting worse, but they refused.

He added: “The heat in the bus was too much when we headed to the station. The boy was weak. We told them he was fainting already and asked to take him to the nearest hospital, but they refused. They beat him in the station too, and asked him questions.

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”But on our way to the station, one of the officers called their boss and said they went for a job at Apete rather than saying they went where he sent them. This was how we knew they had done the wrong job.”

When Temitope and his friends took Olanrewaju to Eleyele hospital, the doctor said he was dead. According to him, this was when the Oyo State Commissioner of Police knew that his men had done the wrong job.

“The commissioner then ordered the arrest of the four police officers. They have arrested two of them now. One even had to cut his hair to conceal his appearance. But the police are saying they want to conduct an autopsy. An autopsy for what? He was healthy before the police visited us,” he said.

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