How to Dress for an Interview

I am going to be sharing with you best tips on how to dress for an interview, I have tips for  women and men.

Ready to get the job you want?, then, what to wear in to an interview should of important concern to you.  So now let’s start off with the ladies first, for women the sense of style that you should be going for when it comes to an interview is classy yet chic.

 Now first let’s talk about Clothing

The first tip I have for you when it comes to clothing is to make sure that your clothes fit, if you decide that you want to wear a suit to an interview, I think that’s a great idea, there’s nothing wrong with over dressing. Better to over dress them than to under dress, so, when it comes to wearing a suit you might want to wear a fitted blazer and fitted pants. don’t go into the interview wearing an oversized blazer unless that’s the style.

If you want to wear an oversized blazer then wear a dress underneath or a collared shirt. A skirt with an oversized blazer I think that’s actually completely fine as long as it’s meant to be an oversized blazer.

Now, you also want to make sure that you keep the colors neutral, so I say go for gray, maybe beige black is absolutely fine as well as white clean colored shirt underneath.  most preferably if you’re wearing a suit, a full-on suit or wearing a neutral colored dress underneath your blazer works as well.

 Now for Men

Same thing, you want to look classy, you want to look professional so when it comes to you going into the interview, that’s pretty simple when it comes to clothing you want to wear a suit and similar to the ladies you want to wear a fitted suit please no oversized poofy shoulder suits and make sure your suits are clean, if the last time you wore the suit you had sweated in it or you just haven’t had time to take it to the dry cleaner, make sure you do that before you go into the interview.

I’ve had to conduct interviews where I’ve had individuals come into the room and you could tell they didn’t clean their suit, it is extremely important that you have a clean suit when you come in. again also a probably a plain white collared shirt and a tie all tucked in properly,  a suit fitting your body as well, that’s a great option to wear for the interview.

 Now let’s talk about Shoes

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So for the ladies, if you’re going to wear heels, I highly recommend just wearing a simple pair of shorter heels, kitten heels they call them. rather than wearing stilettos or just really huge chunky heels, it can give the wrong impression, if you wear just a heel with just a little bit of heights I think that’s good enough, it will still die up that nice classy look that you’re going for and I would probably go for just a plain black heel or a nude colored heel.

  For men

when it comes to shoes, very simple, just faux leather or real leather dress shoes, they don’t have to look super crazy ,they don’t have to have crazy patterns, they don’t have to have all those holes in them, just a simple pair of dress shoes.

Try to make sure again that they also fit your feet and that they’re not too big, too clunky, too chunky and maybe not too pointed at the same time. I’ve seen some really pointy dress shoes, so just know the one that fits your foot fits your feet and gives a nice shape and ties up the look that you’re going for, which is that professional yet classy suited up look. oh and about the shoes, if they’re leather or even if they’re not,  just make sure they’re polished and not dusty, if it full of dirt, make sure you polish them before the interviews

 Now let’s talk about Hair

so for women, when it comes to hair, instead of tying your hair in a ponytail or doing it up in a bun just make sure you have your hair down, it gives a more confident and self-assured look when you have your hair down, it’s nice and neat of course and it’s just free-flowing rather than having your hair in a really tight bun or really tight ponytail I just feel like it gives a little bit of a different vibe, you do what you feel is best and most comfortable for you, but, if you can leave your hair down for the interview it ok.

 now when it comes to hair for men

as you know hire managers, for the most of them they want to work with clean people so make sure your hair cut is clean cut, as well nothing messy, I mean ideally if you could comb it and gel it that’s perfect but not overly gelled, just nice combed neat cut hair.

 Now when it comes to Make-up

This is I guess more applicable for the ladies, I would say don’t go for an overly made up look, if you can stick with a neutral bronzy makeup, or no makeup look, that would be great.

 Finally let’s talk about Accessories

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so when it comes to accessories such as earrings bracelets  and others, just wear a watch, in terms of earrings, if you are the type that wears earrings then go for studs diamonds or pearls, something that’s not too dangly, not too partyish. just a simple necklace if you prefer wearing a necklace and if you want to wear a bracelet  you can just do so.

For men accessories is a lot easier, wear a tie and wear a nice watch as well. it doesn’t have to be anything crazy or expensive,  just a nice business professional looking watch.

There you have it, those are my best tips on How to Dress for an Interview so that you can look your best.

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