No one can deny the fact that Nigeria has been a mess since the past few years. Things keep getting harder and situation getting worse. Everyone getting sick of the matter as poverty is on the rise.
Although, people tends to adjust but at this point they are lost. So, with Nigeria current situation, no good thing is said about it and the next line of action is to exit to another place more comforting but is that the next line of action?

With the situation we find ourselves is leaving the best option.? We should stay in this together. Leaving wouldn’t solve the problem we are facing. If we all left, who will take responsibility for all the mess.

Escape is not the best option. Let us do our best to put things in shape. It is needed for us to take control of the situation. Remedy can be made if we all decide to change. One step at a time we will get to the peak.

Our place can be a better place if each of us play his role. Leaving is not the solution but rather harmonising to make a better state.

Escape from this can not undo the done but rather working on amending our deeds can go a long way to making things better. Let us take a step to making our nation great.

Escape is not the best option, who will be left if we all leave? We need to take charge and work on possibilities. If you are not satisfied, do the change you preach.

We don’t have to leave, we can have a better state if only we do the right thing. Let us not blame but take action. In life, we correct our mistakes and not run away from it.

If Nigeria is a mistake, then let us correct it and not run from it. Your mind set matters. What you think matters. Together we can make Nigeria great again.

If you have the mind set of leaving, delete it. Cause the place you want to leave for, it citizens also play their role to see to a great nation. Let us emulate that in our on terrine and we will be glad at the outcome we got.

Together we can. Escape is not the best option..

Bilal Aminat Motunrayo.

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