JAYONE: If a man wants to be successful he should have more than one source of income.

Guest for Today, Mr. Yusuf Jamiu Adekunle popularly known as Jayone, he his a Forex Trader, wrist watch dealer and the founder of Cruise World Platform.

Mr Yusuf Jamiu pka Jayone

Interviewer: Please we would love to know you better sir

Jayone: my name is Yusuf Jamiu Adekunle popularly known as Jayone, I am a Forex Trader, wrist watch dealer and the founder of Cruise World Platform.

Interviewer: How did you come about the nicknames Jayone sir?

Jayone: JAYONE is a big name given to me by one of my secondary school teacher. When I went for a game competition and I won, am the number 1 student to win 🏆, so he said jay won and I turned it to JAYONE

Interviewer: Interesting one✅, Now as a forex dealer/Trader… Is forex dealing the same thing as those doing Yahoo?

Jayone: Most people think FOREX is the same thing as yahoo but is a capital NO. forex is a business which you need to have your capital before you can start up, it a business but yahoo is a fraudulent Act whereby you dupe someone to collect his money or property

Forex is a legal business and it is known and acceptable in all countries because it deals with currency trading.

Yahoo on the other side is illegal in all country as well, because it deals with faking profile to collect money

Mr Yusuf Jamiu pka Jayone

Interviewer: So sir, how do you manage forex Trading and wristwatch dealing together?

Jayone: If a man wants to be successful he should have more than one source of income.
Selling of wristwatch is my first business which most people know is my source of income I love the business to the extent that I have to create a website for it named, www.jayonestore.com.ng. Till now am still selling wristwatch so I can’t stop the business

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Forex on the other side has been my dream since I left secondary school. So I learned it and now am also a teacher sharing the idea with others
Now I have two sources of income which am still planning to have more.

Interviewer: Sir, we learnt you are also a student, which institution do you attend, your department and how do you balance your business with Academics?

Jayone: Am a student of that great institution 1st In Nigeria 2nd in Africa 8th in the world we call it formula 128.
The Tai Solarin University of Education. And my college is COSMAS and my Department is Economics
I believe that before a man can do anything in life he must be determined because if he is not determined he can never achieve the goal I have a timetable schedule by myself so I know the convenient time for me to read
My answer to this question is that nothing can stop a man from achieving his goal if he is determined

Interviewer: Your profile indicate that you are the founder of Cruise World Platform..Tell us more about the platform

Jayone: Yes I am the founder of CRUISE WORLD platform is a platform where individuals can express themself in any way, members will be free to discuss, come up with new ideas and share knowledge, is a platform where we build confidence and intellectual people. We also catch fun because all work no play makes CRUISE WORLD members a dull member

Interviewer: So lastly from here, what is your advice for the young once out there who are aiming for the best?

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Jayone: My advice for the young ones out there is that
1st they should build their confidence because most of them are intellectual but are scared of expressing themselves CONFIDENCE is the first weapon
2nd they should know their capacity I mean what they are good at that is generally acceptable in the society

Lastly, they should have a goal and be determined because if they not determine the goal can’t be accomplish

And am working on a platform for young ones that is called MAKE THE YOUNGS GROW still working on it though

I am also currently vying for the post of A Senator Representing Economics Constituency II.. all Tasuedites should kindly support my ambitions to serve.

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