Letter to my first seed by Afinni Favour – TASUED WRITERS CHALLENGE 2.0


I’ve always thought of how peculiar it’ll be, to have, to hold, to get to know the fruit of one’s loins when i cross the watershed. I envision the first time holding you in my arms and the universe stands still and I can almost hear your tiny heart beating, with your fragile little hands interlocking with only one of my finger tip, there and then, i hope to right my wrongs through you. I wonder if that’s alright or damn right absurd.

The sky is big enough to fly, be this, be that. So many cliche’ easier said than done. I’m short of words to pen, cause there’s just too much to say. I hope and will strive to be the best parent, be your best friend, and give you the best of life and love, maybe you’ll find some to share with the world as well.

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A thousand miles begins with a step, yes, I’ll strive to walk through this journey with you and when you’re lost, perhaps with my footprints you can find your way back.
Actions speaks louder than words, doesn’t it? I remember everyone always defining who I should be when I was just about way high. Though their words began to loose meaning when their actions tell a different tale. Will you see a reflection of what’s expedient through my actions? to be bold, believe in yourself and your voice, cause you get to define you.

I’ve once been that kid whose always unsure of herself, but I learnt a little from the animal kingdom. Kind of weird right? The lion isn’t the strongest or the fastest or the wisest, the biggest, tallest, most beautiful either, so why is it the king of jungle? Perhaps you’ll oneday solve that riddle in time.


You’ll face vicissitudes, it’s inevitable, and I hate to break it to you now that it won’t get easier, you only get stronger. Patience is everything, and know, all thing will come to you eventually if you keep on moving.

Don’t panic if you find yourself in Nigeria, cause I did. But I’ve learned to be the change I hope to see in the world. Your part matters, so does mine.
My dearest,
Your love.


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