Letter to my first seed by Ayara oluwakemi – TASUED WRITERS CHALLENGE 2.0


Dear Baby,

How are you doing today? Your little kicks woke me up again. Thank you for giving me beautiful night rests and sugar coated dreams.

You, my baby, have been an oil on my aching head. The awareness of your presence always caresses my soul. I have heard of troubles faced by awaiting mothers, none have I faced, but peace of mind and joy is always what you offer me.

It’s your 25th week with me and I can’t help but wait. For I long to hear the sound of your voice more than any music.

By now you would have noticed how sentimental your mama is. Yes baby, your presence made me this way.

This is going to be my 23rd letter to you in 25 weeks. This is what you get when you are born by a writer and a strong willed woman who sees the world through the eyes of tomorrow and never ignores yesterday.

Each letter I write tells you a story. And each story has a great life lesson which I will love you to pick up when you are older to read and understand.

So, today’s story is titled:

“Ngozi’s desires”.

Ngozi was a little girl with many dreams and passions. She loved and wanted to go to school and be educated. But she didn’t have the opportunity not because she was poor, but because she was a girl.

You see, in olden days when Nigeria our country was under developed, the girl child were treated like second class citizens, were made to become baby making machines and were told that the kitchen was where she ought to be.

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Eventually, Just like every other girl child her age, Ngozi was married off at age 14 to a lazy farmer.

Ngozi still wanted to complete her education since she had only done primary Education.

Oh how she begged this man! But he refused.

Her husband decided to give her what he termed the ” impossible task”. He told her she could only go to school after 5 children while also working to save enough money to buy land and build a house.

“At Least that will shut her up”. He thought. He had finally won. He thought there was no woman in her right senses that would want to take up the responsibility of the father and the mother on herself all because of some “silly school”.

He thought wrong!.

It was a very difficult task for her because she had to work hard, while taking care of 5 children for a long long time.

The impossible task became possible after 15 long years of hard work and consistency. She saved enough money to build a house and was able to take care of her children to the surprise of everyone.

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She eventually did go back to secondary school at age 29 and at age 45, she became a bank manager and one of the richest women ever heard of.

From Ngozi’s story learn three main lessons:

1: Life is always different and unfair.but we should look past all that and keep pushing irrespective of the situations

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2: Determination goes a long way in life. If Ngozi wasn’t determined she would never gotten out of her struggles

3:Age is just a number and not a factor for progress.

Sweet baby, you would be born in Nigeria and this would be your country for I and your father were born here, and so would you. This country isn’t all rosy but as a mother I would fight for you to be comfortable.

The situation of this country isn’t the best economically and socially . But I want you to be determined, have high efficiency and be the best version of yourself.

A snail never moves without leaving trails. Leave trails wherever you go. Be like Ngozi, be determined to face difficult odds and conquer them!

Love, Mum.
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Written by
Ayara oluwakemi Shulammite

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