Letter to my first seed by Bukola – TASUED WRITERS CHALLENGE 2.0

Day 12



Seed of a great offspring,it’s been of necessity I write my heartened letter to you,do not be afraid because it’s quite obvious you have been doing explicit exploit in the heavens.

Nigeria,the great atmosphere of where greener pastures resides, home of good comfort and basketful of interesting adventures,obvio we have just a slight scratch regardless of the great rest this country brings.

“Leadership”is the key that hinders the dog’s watery mouth,they have been gnashing of teeth here and there but that doesn’t stop my future leader not to come around.

You are the nation’s awaiting saviour who would save the citizens of their long awaiting thirst of good springs of good comfort.
Our leaders have proven to us that we have chosen the wrong messiah to lead this great country.

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Nevertheless I know you up there watching the discomfort your driver to the world is facing and I know you are preparing for a grande finale of the distress of this country…….Do not be afraid to come forth because out of a black pot comes out a white seedlings…… Justifying the fact that our leaders have been a thorn in the flesh for us all not letting us enjoy the dividend of democracy.

Meeting our needs is not in the beast’s agenda,failure to get us all necessities of life have turned out to be a doom.

Humanity has turned into enemity, glasses have been broken by those stone heartened criminals, abortions has been the order of the day since medical fees has turned gold,salt of the world,you are the precious one who could save us the stress.

I pray you hear our voices up there and tell the creator we are fed up of this atrocities caused by these political thefts stealing from this great nation and still throwing breeze on it…. killing of innocent mothers and fathers has been the headline of all newspapers and radio stations.Guarantors of peace and security have fallen to be the masterminds of evil perpetrations.

My first fruit,you are the doctor that can heal this world of warcraft and envious acts.

Thank u.

Bukola ✍️

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