Letter to my first seed by Fabowale Mary – TASUED WRITERS CHALLENGE 2.0


“Son, never forget the things I have taught you. Store the commands in your heart.” Papa said.
Those words keep pondering in my heart always. ” Why will Papa keep telling me to store those tales in my heart?” I muttered quietly.

” You’re still with Papa? Discussing? About what again?” Mama will pluck out my intestines with those questions especially when I turn out the home chores and limb to Papa’s room.
“But you don’t have to be jealous Honey,he his my First Son, the father of the house,and the heir of our Village.” Papa replied.

On a faithful noon,after lunch, I sat down to take a short nap when Papa called out my name, I ran towards him and sought after a chair for him to sit. “You called me Papa”. I said. Huhm…Papa sighed, “Yes,I do. Somethings bothered my thoughts,it seems to deviate it from a moral ethics.

“What is it,Papa? Is everything okay? Talk to me”. I appealed to him with a readiness heart to listen and receive whatever he has to say this afternoon.
I sensed that you wore upon a fatigue cloak and set your back against this Village. You have no….
I interrupt him… Why won’t I? Papa,do you think I am so happy you calling me an ‘heir’ of this Village, isn’t that a prevarication? I said.
Papa was shocked with my response, I knew it.

He pat me by my back and began,
“You are my progeny
You are my Strength
You are my First Son
You are my successor, yes you are.
You are the heir of this Village.
I will never falsify any of my words that goes directly to you.”


Though the situation of this village as gone beyond the outter view,we are all whacked and washed-out,seeing what we fought to attain to burn at midnight when no one could hear our cry even when we shout for help.
Now, listen, keep on striving, do your best to be the successor. Stand for your right. Be humble and Kind to all people in this Village. Do not follow the trend and trail of the bad eggs in this Village.

Lastly,My Son, Be wise as Snake, and be humble like a dove.
Papa last word stumbled me into confusion and led to overgushing thoughts that stream in my mind till eternity..
Papa said. “YOU ARE MY FIRST SON.”

Poet Name:Fabowale Mary
Pen’s Name: Fabbie’s pen

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