Letter to my first seed by Oladimeji Usman – TASUED WRITERS CHALLENGE 2.0


Dear first seed,

Words are powerful, words are costly, that is why communication is life, I want you to hold on to my platinum words, and live a productive life with them.

This life is not for life, we are expected to spend a limited time here and return with our deeds to the One that created me and you, the little time we are to use here must be on a purpose, discover your purpose by knowing who you are, I want you to know that your ability is more than your disabilities, be contented of what you have, strive for success in silent and let your wining announce you,

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always believe in yourself because there is the limit in what you can not do, shoot the sky every time you are shooting, is either you fall among the moons or the stars.
Live your life, help others, discover your purpose, tag your importance to yourself, no one is interested in your story, most people are walking with fake love, little is real, love yourself, give out what you have, and expect less in return.

What you are endowed with as a gift from God, do not use it as a weapon to go against His will. We are still going to have a more productive time about life, you are a great gift for me, I love you and I want you to know that I must mold you and set you on the right path on how to live a purposeful life.

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The nation we are, we laugh a lot but behind the mask is a great tragedy, we play and do things together as a friend but behind the scene is what you can not imagine, only your destiny and your parent want good for you. I can not say things are not well in this country, you may be the one to set us free.

This beautiful country has been stuck on the fence and thinking of where to jump to, work with positive-minded people, be good to everyone. Remember that not everyone can love you and not everyone can hate you, spend your time wisely because a day we used is plus one to our age and minus one to our grave.

Yours sincerely, my beautiful first seed.

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