Letter to my first seed by Olayiwola Mutiu Taiwo – TASUED WRITERS CHALLENGE 2.0


Dear future son,

It is very vital to relay you some ingredients of living a better life in this your motherland called Nigeria. I deemed it prudent because not knowing how we got here from the past to the present is tantamount to wickedness on my part. For this cogent reason, it is essential you keep whatever you are reading here in your mind.

With this, whatever attacks or struggles that may cross your path; you will not find it hard to solve them. However, I know things change every generation, but still, whatever change that may have occurred to this what I want to give you now; it is of my hope that you are capable to fill the gap(s). Many things can change, not of history.

My dear Junior, this your motherland has been doomed to failure right from the day we were given independence. After many struggles, our country’s independence came on the first of October, 1960. Our colonial masters, the British, finally gave us freedom, but they are still in control of our affairs still the moment I am writing you this.


From this angle, our problems started. They are observing our elections for us, they are refining our crude oil for us, and they import us food simply to boost their economy while we are still insolvent, and many other things you could things of. My son, we are still in the era of colonialism.

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Dear Junior, my generation has tagged school as a scam. This slag is not uncommon everyday on every student’s lips. You are wondering why? It is because our government has failed us educationally.

The government can now afford to be indifferent to getting the sons of the masses educated. Their nonchalant attitude towards education is second to none. They have planted it away that education is the bed rock of every nation. In their budget, they have fond of allotting 5% to education. Lecturers in higher institutions are owned many months and strike is a common phenomenon in my generation. This scenario brought about scam on the part of my country’s education.

Our politicians have found many means in diverting public funds to their personal accounts. You said what a shame? Yes, they are indeed unpatriotic to the country and to those who elected them. They find delights in impoverishing the masses while they always find solace in abroad with their children.

Darling son, things were very uneasy in my generation. My generation was fraught with insecurity, atrocities, dangers and crimes. I changed my tense to past simple form because I have the hope that by the time you are reading this, things will have changed to better.

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There are many issues that beset my motherland. Besides that government is not helping the matter, we, the populace, too are not ready to change. There is this popular slogan that change begins with me. We are not ready to change to better. We average Nigerians are those collecting bribery, breaking the traffic rule. Those average Nigerians are those in the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary arms. My point is that we are problems of ourselves because we are the government.

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My future son, I want you to steer clear from anything that can continue tarnishing your country’s image. I want you to involve in anything that can continuing promoting the unity and national progress of the country.
In conclusion, you will find this worthy to read when you are finally delivered to us in a month time. These narratives are enough to create a positive change in your society, region and the nation at large.

Yours sincerely,
Your father.

Name: Olayiwola Mutiu Taiwo
Pen name: Vision

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