Letter to my first seed – TASUED WRITERS CHALLENGE

“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to NEW NARRATIVE Media House. Kindly listen to the following headlines: The government and her cabinet have closed the case of Senator Obama John.

They concluded that Senator Obama John is not guilty of the murder of Ngozi; the innocent secondary school student he was caught slaughtering. President Suleman Abula has warned all the youths to decline their plans about protesting against his rules. Vice President Ayo Banji has denied himself of embezzling the 170 million dollars borrowed for the economical situation of the country.

The prominent investigative journalist; Michael Sam has been murdered by unknown bandits…Stay tuned for the main details. We will be back!”


Annoyed! I turned off the radio set. I couldn’t listen to the news anymore when all they are broadcasting is of the benefits of the Government and the demerit of the citizens. “How could a huge amount of 170 million dollars just go like that?” I asked myself mumbling in pain. “What a waste of an innocent soul” I bit my lips with my teeth, shaking my head in agony for the loss of the investigative journalist.

“Where is the green land heading to? What is this fertile land turning into?”. I asked myself, searching for my toothpaste and toothbrush.

Stepping out of my room. A voice exploded into my heart, saying “If the Ugly ones refuse to die, How will your seeds change the situation!”. Horrified! I dropped my brush and paste. “What is wrong Mr Brown?” was the question Madam Chineye asked me. Ignorantly I nodded in haste answering her that nothing is wrong. I ran aiming at my bed. The voice came again “Won’t you write a letter to your first seed? Won’t you tell inform him about the Ugly fools? Won’t you advise him about the green land!!!”. Immediately, I grabbed my pen and paper. I started inscribing as I have been directed.

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Dear first seed,
With joy mixed with sorrow, I hereby write to inform you about the catastrophe of the nation you are coming into. I hereby write not to scare nor to assure you that the green-filled land has turned into a bloodstained turf. How I wish you were not born into this kingdom. But, your driver keeps house in this country.


The nation is wide and large. A beautiful nation endowed with an ugly governing mentality. The birds of the city are chirping in anger. The fishes of its swam kept birthing roaring sharks. The sun shows in place of the moon with the moon replacing the stars. The land is falling and rising into destruction. “How did we get here?” is a question I can’t substantiate.

Coming into this nation isn’t a crime but a prime for you. The nation is weak but you can make it strong. If the ugly one refuses to perish, you will be born to make them crunch the dust. I know it is not going to be an easy task. But, through your energetic strength and the Highest grace over you; you can make a new narrative. Remember, that the land is ruled by powerful demons. Remember that taking the throne is a herculean task. Remember, and be careful that transforming the Old narrative into A new one is an adventure through Heavens and below the earth. Remember, that those foolish lions are looking for whom to devour. Be careful if you want my wish towards you to come to pass.

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Your father.

In relief and joy, I sighed at the scent of the letter. I glanced through again reading in enlightenment. I got an envelope and I put it in a neat letter. With joy, I write on the envelope “A LETTER TO MY FIRST SEED”.



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