Letter To My Seed by Emmanuel Elizabeth Queen – TASUED WRITERS CHALLENGE 2.0

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Theme : A New Narrative
Topic : Letter To My Seed

Dear unborn child,

I hope you’re good and fine wherever you are. I haven’t met your father yet but I feel so concerned about you. I wish above all things that you’re in safe and sound health. I was caught in a writing nest which brought me this far, I will like to use this medium to welcome you to my world in advance and implore that you take these words with all seriousness.

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There lived a country that existed decades of years ago, it existed among the seven continent in the world; on a planet called Earth. She got her name “Nigeria” from a river (River Niger) and gained her Independence on the 1st of October 1960. Before her freedom, many wars took place which led to lost of lives. She started well with a good legacy but she was later cornered and it became a mystery to where we are today.

Now listen my child, many rights and wrongs had taken place; many lives are gone yet the cause for the sacrifice has not been averted. The price has been paid but the debt has not been erased. The evil doers still have the power, leaving the solution bringers actionless.

Hear this clearly dear child; “You are a masterpiece, anyone who says otherwise is wrong. You are a solution to this dying country. You are that strong voice to be heard in your generation. You are that agent of change that is needed to change our country. You are the light that cannot be covered by darkness. I’m laying a foundation to be continued on your arrival. Ensure you protect it in the due time and make me proud”.

Extend my greetings to your friends and brothers, be in good terms with them because they would be of help in reducing the work load.

Yours sincerely,
Emmanuel Elizabeth Queen
✍🏾 Nenedrops.

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