NESA TASUED PRESIDENT ELECT: Most men believe that female can’t be in a place of Authority – ONI IBUKUN

Adeagbo Opeyemi: Nigeria Economics Student Association (NESA) Tasued Chapter PRESIDENT ELECT, Miss ONI IBUKUN DEBORAH you are welcome ma.

Oni Ibukun: Am Oni Ibukun Deborah, Economics Department 400l, TASUED. And by Gods grace am the President of Economic department.

I hail from Ondo state, I love breaking record in other to encourage other females like me, I love impacting life positively.


Adeagbo Opeyemi: My first question Miss president is that Being a female and the elect president of Economics department TASUED, what actually boast your moral that you can be active in that office ma?

Oni Ibukun: I told you early that I love impacting lives and making a difference, Most men believe that female can’t be in a place of Authority, they will become arrogant

I live my life as if my replacement will be useless. Not as if that my replacement will not be good but that there will be a vacuum that someone left a place

Adeagbo Opeyemi: Question 2 – Before becoming the Miss president elect, what where you into before apart from being a student?

Oni Ibukun: Am into Agriculture Sir, Am a minstrel and also an Actress

Adeagbo Opeyemi: Questions 3 – This accurately point that you are a Christian ma. Are you a worker or a mere member?

Oni Ibukun: By Gods grace am a worker and also the drama cord of my fellowship RCF Tasued chapter

Adeagbo Opeyemi: Questions 4 – Now how did you intend to balance the two ma, being a worker in your church and your office of president as student as well?

Oni Ibukun: In Administration there is always delegation of work to the executive, I have capable and good people am working with, I mean I have executive in Economics department and also Drama Department Sir, so I delegate work to them Sir.

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I can’t be in everywhere and I can’t do everything myself, I have great and wonderful people Sir.

Adeagbo Opeyemi: Questions 5 – Are you into any relationship presently or that is not in your agenda for now?

Oni Ibukun: I am in a relationship to the Glory of God

Adeagbo Opeyemi: Questions 6 – Can you please mention 2 visible positive changes economics department will experience during your tenure

Oni Ibukun: The first is that the mentality about Economic department, I said it in my manifesto that what my predecessor did not achieve I mean some project he was not to do I will first do it, And then start with my project.

Adeagbo Opeyemi: Please ma, can you mention 2 out of the project?

Oni Ibukun: Firstly we will get more system to Econometric lab where student will be able to have access to the lab and do some assignment, And also get more books to the library at Nesa.

Yoyo Solomon: What Do You Consider to Be Your Weaknesses?

Oni Ibukun: My weakness becomes my strength Sir

Biobaku Lekan: What impact do you think this office will have on your academic life.

Oni Ibukun: It will make me study more and go extra mile Sir..

Because there are questions lots of people will ask and I need to know them. I need to read more to become more better

Okikiola Samuel: Do you have a Mentor in Economics department, If yes, Who is your Mentor?

Oni Ibukun: Yes I have a lot of them,
1. All my lecturers are people I look up to
2. Miss Vivian
3. Mr Dre Lamar
4. My official Hubby( Mr Wale)

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Okikiola Samuel: As an Elected President, How will you respond to an Emergency situation pertaining to your Students?

Oni Ibukun: Service to Humanity Sir, As I have always done, that’s why I have executive that we will always work together Sir.

Adeagbo Opeyemi: Lastly from here – What is your advice for every Female aspiring for any political office both in school or outside the wall of school?

Oni Ibukun: My advice is that they should be focused, determined, humble, patient, accommodating and always ready to serve.

And lastly they should depend totally on God because he is great rewarder of those that diligently seek him.

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  1. All she has said isn’t a lie, she is a lady of high visions and aspirations, always striving to be the best with actions, she has done more and can do better, I speak from experience because I have worked with her, she was once my Gen.Sec in fellowship (RCF TASUED) more or less like a PA. I couldn’t have succeeded that tenure without her support. She was everything, all responsibilities dispersed to her are carried out accurately and successfully. She never refused any no matter the urgency. Oni Ibukun is a female with great leadership capacities. And I honor her for that. On the final note. Her sense of humility is second to none.
    Oni Ibukun is a great Daughter

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