Who am I ? This question as lingered so much in my brain
Sometimes drives me insane
Anne who are you?
I ask myself, Jesutofunmi tani eh?
Who made you?
This question is just three words but it was my greatest words of bafflement

She comes to realization of what she has been doing, pain erupts in her chest, she couldn’t feel herself, her Father ask her is it true? She couldn’t talk because she knew it was true, she did it, she had an excuse but the condemnation was greater than the excuse of she ever been rescued, tears flow down her eyes as she sees the disappointment in her parents eyes, her uncontrollably tears seem to mock, the rain join in the journey of mockery. “You are stupid! Foolish! You are a disgrace!” More words of insult, comes out of her mouth to herself.

I love you, I care about you, I write, I look at the beautiful creature in front of me, my heart flutters, butterflies dances in my tummy, “Hey Anne” I hear my name, I don’t turn back to know who it is, I know it is the guy I admire, I try my best to keep a straight face, but the more I try, the harder it gets, I turn away he always leave the church early with his brothers, his kid sister and mom. “Anne watsup?” Wait is he talking to me? I look back to be sure I am the one he is talking to, I am the only one standing at the back of the church close to my dad’s office “I am good” I force myself to say, I am no shy girl, but words seem to disappear staring at this creation, God must have really taken time to create him, “We will talk later, I have to go”, “okay” I enter my dad’s office blushing, “omo Pastor, Sha be talking to boy, ko wa careful” (and be careful) I look at the door I didn’t close and I see my teacher, I look at her and smile, but really I want to give her a piss of my mind “Yes ma”.

She looks at her sister writing “Wow! This is beautiful, you write like all those famous writers” she looks at her elder sister in awe. She picks up her pen to write, words seem to fail her, she tries her best in expressing herself the way she sings, she got something, but it was not enough.

You sing so beautifully
You dance so well
I love you acting
Don’t drag your dad’s name to the mud!
You can be better than this!
You are more than this!
So many words I hear that pierces my soul but who exactly am I?
Who is this person that walks and talks, dances, sings and write…
“Your words, your actions, your expressions, your reaction makes you who you are” my answer as been right before me, the girl that sings, the girl that dances, writes, make mistakes…. I AM JESUTOFUNMIANNE my bafflement is cleared. This is me, this is a new chapter of my life, this is my new narrative.

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