philosophy of cell science

philosophy aspect of cell science

what is cell?
We will all agree that cell is the simplest, the smallest basic unit of life,
truly it is but let us note the key word used in this definition



 Cell is the structural, functional and fundamental unit of life which
carry out all activities done in the living system.
The cell is regarded as the basic unit of life because it can carry out all life
activities such as feeding, growth, reproduction, respiration and
many more.
 Theory of cell
Theory of cell was promulgated by the accumulation of discoveries of
Robert Hook(1665), Theodor Schwann (1839), Matthias Schleiden
(1838), Felix Dujardi call center (1835), Rudolf Von Virchow (1855).
The theory go thus;
1. All living things are made up of cells
2. Cells are from pre-existing cell
3. Cells is the elementary particles of an organism
4. There is no life apart from life of cell
5. All living things are either prokaryotic or eukaryotic
Robert Hook can be called the founding father of cell, he discover it
using compound microscope magnifying thin slice of a cork of an oak tree.
 Types of cell
There are two types of cell that make up a living system which are:
 1. Prokaryotic cell
 2. Eukaryotic cell


NOTE: Human being comprises of billions of cells which make up their
body system
 Let’s go to the brief explanation of those cells.
Prokaryotic cell: Prokaryotic cell is also called unicellular cell. This type
of cell does not have any additional cell but only itself. Organism that
posses this type of cell are called unicellular organism e.g. bacteria,
euglena paramecium etc.
2. Eukaryotic cell: Eukaryotic cell is also called multicellular cell. These
are group of cells working in various sections in living system. Organism
that posses this type of cell is called multicellular organism e.g. bird, man,
snake etc.
There are two types of Eukaryotic cell
1. Animal cell: This is type of cell is found in both animal and
human being though there’s little different in animal and human
cell regarding structure and the organelles found in it cell
2. Plant cell: This type of cell is found in only plant and also have
little same organelles with animal cell
You might be confuse that what is organelles?
Organelle: are structure or working part found in a cell and carry out life
characteristics of the two types of cell which are Prokaryotic and
Characteristics of (bacteria) Prokaryotic cell
1. They have no true nucleus
2. They have cell wall
3. They move with the aid of flagella
4. They have round single chromosome
5. They have no membrane bound organelles
Characteristics of (bird) Eukaryotic cell
 1. They have true nucleus
 2. They have cell wall
 3. They posses RNA or DNA
 4. They have membrane bound organelles
Notable Organelle in cell.
Nucleus : it’s an organelle that contains the genetic materials
Cell wall: it separate the cell organelles from outside materials.
DNA: it carry the genetic materials
Membrane: it regulate the going and coming out of substance from the
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