The Dumper

Wanting to know the reason for infidelity
And why guys fail to portray modesty

I asked a guy “How many girlfriends do you have?”
He turned, looked at me then laughed

And said “relationship is a game
I cheat on girls and they do the same

I have six girlfriends who know each other
Each of them thinks my sister is the other”

Then I said “But guy why?
You ought to think right as a guy

At the end of your game, you break their hearts
And turn to tarts those whose heart you’ve torn apart

Come to think of it guys
Do you think what you’re doing is nice?

Deceiving girls by telling them lies
Your relationship will be filled with nothing but lies”

Vehemently he said “I know they hate the truth
If you tell them, they’ll force you to make a truce

To them, the truth is bitter
To them, lies are pleasant and sweeter

They dump those who truly love them
And run to those who will use and dump them

I use the six I have one after the other
Because the one I love is in the arms of another

My treasure had been rough handled
And I can’t stay jobless and idle”

His statement made me furious
But my expression was like I was curious

Angrily I asked “Hurting girls keep you busy?
Seriously, can you say that to Bisi?

You’re making other guys suffer
Those calm innocent guys who wear loafer

The loving, caring and affectionate ones
Whose treasures are to be weighed in tons

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The one in a million ladies dream of
Their lives ought to be a straight line, not a curve”

He interrupted me “They are like me!
Trying to make themselves what they can’t be

Watching the dumper carry away their treasure
Smiling always just to hide their displeasure”

Calmly he said “I’m just pretending to be cruel
But seriously I’m not, all guys are cool

What I’m facing happens to every guy
Girls love the dumper and we don’t know why

But the patient dog they say eats the fattest bone
We’ll wait till the dumper gives us the copper which was once gold.

By: Emmanuel Obadare (a.k.a Adeoba)

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