The expectations life demands for survival in the modern world of today

Todays world leaves  little or no easy survival options to the human race, those who refuses or does not find them self in the right places or doing the right thing at a point in their life time tends to suffer and beg for daily meals.


In today’s modern world fews, things are necessary for human survival and I will be discussing and emphasizing on the two (2) most important things that’s is required in this modern world for survival and to stable standard lively hood.
Two (2) most important things needed and necessary for human survival and for stable standard of living are:
1. Education
2. Skill acquisition ( also known and regarded  as handwork mostly by Africans).
Education : as general known education is an important  basic requirements and aspect of life, education is a key to living, it is a life continuous process that ends individually when a human becomes dead.
The aspect of education is necessary because most top world organistions across the world today requires educational certificate as a requirements for employment.  The average rate unemployment in the world is caused as a result of lack of education or educational certificates.
It is important to acquire a certificate in a field of study, this improves the possibility of getting employed so as to earn income for individual survival.
Skill acquisition 
The importantance of skill acquisition.
Skills are naturally referred to as hand work in the African continent. Having Skills or a skill is the ability to do something perfectly.  Majority of the world richest people in the world today are people who have and had acquired certain skills.
Skills are very essential in life.
Below are few top paid skills listed that you can acquire
1. Coding – coding includes use of programing languages such as html, java script, CSS, python, and many others,  a simple app to get started with this is SOLO LEARN,  the app is available on playstore and other app store.
2. Blogging – blogging an high paying scheme to engagement in, it requires dedication to genuine content creation, blogger earn income via many monetization program, the most popular among the online blogging platform is GOOGLE ADSENSE,  to register for it, visit
3. Trade (buying and selling) – this is actually a practice most common and most efficient, this practice does not have a specific amount of money needed for start up, trading either online or physical has proven to be very cogent and requires careful attention because wrong trading actions can lead to loss of income and capital revenue.
4. Brick Laying: brick laying is very popularly and common in the world, it requires little or no fee to learn brick laying, this skill requires individual energy and dedication, brick laying  does not require a long duration of time to learn it basics as well as it tools necessary for work.
Common local and international skills include
1. Barbing – barbing is the ability to shape hair, it involve  cutting of the human hair.


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2. Hair dressing – hair dressing is the ability to plait hairs, the occupation has different hair styles involved.
3. Computer Operation – this requires computer knowledge acquisition
4. Photography – this is the ability to capture pictures/image, it goes a long way and is very diverse.
5. Acting – acting is the abilty of character manipulation,  mimicking and pretences is required.
6. Singing – singing is Oral oriented
7. Event decoration – even decoration is diverse, it has different aspect.
 And many more,  get a skill today, skills partially serve as an alternative employment caterea and requirement aside from educational certificates
An average skilled man does suffer hunger because they are occupied with a self employment opportunity.

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