The man called Raheem Tajudeen Abiola – by Oladimeji Usman Olalekan


Who are these twinkle and sparkling light? This question always fluttered my tiny wide heart, is the fleshy as I am or a specially carved one, a big-hearted one, right? Not only that I think about it I also soliloquizing about him.

It was a bright day, towards the evening when the election was fast approaching, it was a debate day among the aspirant contesting for the post of Students Union Government, Raheem Tajudeen happens to be one of the aspirants, I would have given up from the rhetorical questions that always runs through my mind if I missed his speech that day.

Truly, he is the lord of the microphone, he spoke fires with evidence. A lady was standing with me, who is this specially made personnel? Hmm! The question has been soliloquizing for so long. I will compare him to a moon, what is the work of a moon? I asked it is a supernatural light, she answered, he is more than that, not only that the moon served the purpose of light to the world but also surrounded with beautiful stars.

Not that he is impacting and imparting life only but also a sage if I compared him with a star, do you understand that I berate him.
I know little about writing, not until I partook in the first edition of this same challenge, since then, my pen keeps bleeding.

Not too long, a posted a throwback picture of him at an orphanage home, he is a philanthropist, he stood at the time of oppression by the tyranny, when the school used a tricky way to imposed some illegal payment on the students, he is an activist, religiously he is a wise one, he is endowed with a great gift from God, he has changed so many lives with his pen and his efficient management and leadership skills.

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I don’t think he is fleshy as I am, the image-maker of the truth, he takes failure as a step to success, he is one in a million. She sighed and said he worth more than all you qualified him with, my mouth was wide opened as I watched her footstep walking away from me.

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