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Writers are Gods! I’m sure you’ve heard this saying before. Well, I am Israel and I am a writer. But does that make me God?
Writers are magicians, do you agree? Before you say yes or no, just wait till you are done reading this piece, ok?

So let’s say I was God for just a day, then this piece you are reading would be one of my creation right? Now why don’t you relax, while I tell you a little bit about more about this creation of mine. I am God, and I am a writer. My creation is my piece. And I would love to title it Raheem Tajudeen Abiola.

Raheem Tajudeen Abiola is one of my many creations, but I’m especially fond of him you know. Well, maybe it’s just because as God, “Man” happens to be one of my favorite creation, and Raheem is a man. But in this case, I’m afraid there’s more to the story. This one is different. Apparently, I love him but it’s totally due to a different reason than what you might be thinking.

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You see, ever since the world began, this hands that now write, has created a billion men from the dust of the earth. But Raheem was not formed with the dust. He’s one of a kind – a man in his own class.

Formed from cooling embers of the eastern sun, I made him tall, dark and handsome. But the earth needed more than a handsome young man, so I made him a scholar. And just so he won’t get bored, I blessed him with a good sense of humour. Everyone around him can only but love him.

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This is not a regular man!
Compared to other men, this one will be a giant. I’ve been great for so long that at a glance, I know exactly what greatness looks like, I am God after all, you remember right? When I created Raheem, I saw it clearly looking into his eyes. I knew he would be a great man!

Greatness is good, but”good” is not enough… It’s not what I wanted. I needed him to be more than just “good”… You see, as a God, your works should always be perfect. So I looked at the great man I made and blessed him with a large heart.

Yes, that was the master stroke! Raheem would be great, yet simple and easy going.He would fight for the helpless and speak for the voiceless. Now, this is perfect! If you were God, wouldn’t he also be one of your favourites?

Let’s come back to reality. I am Israel and I am a writer. I can’t be God just because I wield words. So as a man who has been asked to describe another man, this is my honest answer.
I don’t know him much, I only saw him once. But if first impression matters like I heard my father once say, then I believe I have something to to tell you.

Raheem Tajudeen Abiola is but a man like you any other. But unlike mere men, he is a man with a vision and passion. Do you need proof? This piece you read, is only possible because he gave writers like me a platform! I have nothing else to say. Raheem is simply a great man!


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