The Ugly Ones Refuse To Die by Emmanuel Elizabeth Queen – TASUED WRITERS CHALLENGE 2.0

#Day 11
#Submission 9
Theme : A New Narrative
Topic :- The Ugly Ones Refuse To Die

The ones we put our trust on, ended up breaking it into shattered pieces, with no sense of remorse. The people we call our our leaders; the ones we believe to be our saviour and story changers, ended up bringing us backward to a more confused state. The ones that came in disguise as an angel, revealed their true colour when they got to the place of authority.

“Give me four years… I’ll relieve all your fears”, they would say to our faces with all convictions; and would go behind our backs, spending much money to give the truth a bend. They paint their character white when trying to get people’s support,only for their true colour to come out in an opposing way. They occupy the space meant for the “Beautiful ones”. They stole the opportunity that belongs to the change makers and make it look like the “Beautiful ones are not yet born”.

The beautiful ones are alive but where are the beautiful ones?… We are the beautiful ones; You and I. The ones who will change the story line and give it a powerful meaning. The ones that will lead by example and not by sample. My part matters, Your part matters, Our part(s) matters. We are the power we need to remove the ugly ones from the seat and change the cost of damage.They abused our expectations, leaving us in a state of “Hope in no hope”.

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We are the beautiful ones and we are ready to take up the mantle. We stand in one accord, one voice and in strength. If the old ones refuse to die, we refuse to remain silent and defeated. We want hope that will swallow all our problem and not hope without a realisation of tomorrow! And yes, with our strength; we will scream out loud till it crosses their path. We will say it over and over again till their ears are swollen with our cries. We will ring the bell till they leave the seat of redefinition for us. We will continue to fight for our right👊🏾 until victory become ours.

© Emmanuel Elizabeth Queen
✍🏾 Nenedrops


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