Theory aspect and process of shoe making

Shoes all round the world are seen as essential needs, they serve as protection for the foot and are also regarded as foot wears.


Footwear manufacturing involve sequence, Footwear is very important in the world and also in the fashion industry, it production requires combination of foot wear materials  to acquire a very protective and good looking foot wear.
Equipments for footwear manufacturing 


1. Shoe last: it is a mallet that would give you a mould in shoe making and the sole will determine the size


2. Mallet hammer
3. Lasting plier
4. Trimming scissors
5. Knife
6. Brush
7. Sewing machine and many more.
Shoe modelling and design also involves
This is of much importance in footwear production because individual arm are often identified by their pattern cutters creating new designs which had never appeared in the market yet as the time and money will be well spent and returned in good
The majority of this operation into section involves stitching of the upper leather already on into sectional parts of the leather on different types of machines, such as Flat bird machine, Post sewing machine, attachment of  eyelet to complete upper for lasting operation. The work here are accompanied with work tickets already prepared from the cutting  and clicking department
1. SOLE PATTERN: The sole pattern is the first required material necessary when producing a shoe, you will need your shoe size to get the right sole pattern for the shoe you want to produce. Their are different sole pattern and note that your sole pattern will determine the shape and size of the shoe you want to produce.
2. INSOLE PATTERN: The insole pattern is nearly the same as the sole pattern but the difference in both pattern is that the insole pattern is place directly below the fit before the sole pattern, the sole pattern for most shoes are attached with wet allowance while few insole pattern are not.
3. UPPER PATTERN: The upper pattern is used to get the shape of the upper leather, the upper leather when attached in between the sole and the insole keep the foot firmly attached to the shoe without slipping off. Lasting allowance is also added to the measurement of the upper pattern to avoid a wrong shoe size during shoe production.
4. WET: The wet is a very necessary protection of the shoe against water or any other liquid substance. Wet materials are water and liquid resistant.
Fishing in shoe production is highly necessary, most especially for hand made shoe production, finishing is necessary and required to give the shoe a clean and good look
Consumers will not purchase shoes that are not well kept and clean and that is very bad  sales because it will affect the organization.
The most important Aspect of Finishing is Filing, filing is very crucial and delicate. Filing requires special attention and concentration, regretable mistakes happen in Filing when the producer loose focus during Filing.
Branding which is the process of giving your product a company identity is very advisable to all producers, it serves as a means of advertising and it goes a long way to gain the company or producer fame in the production industry.
Branding of products is very common in the world and most companies brand their products using the company’s logo or the company name.
i hope this article gives you an insite on the shoe making industry and helps you better understand basic facts about shoe production and footwears in general
Note that the quality of a shoe or any footwear depends on the quality of the materials used in it production as well as the level of it finishing
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