What you need to know about turning (18) eighteen years old

The eighteen years of age we all know is legal age when a person becomes an adult, this age is most recognize as the legal starting adult age in most countries.


Many youths today have done things and have taken the wrong decision which they now regret as a result of the excitement of turning eighteen.
Here are few things you should do and not do when you turn eighteen
1. Do not rush into marriage.
Lots of youths do make the mistake of jumping into marriage all in the name of turning eighteen, this could be favorable to the male gender but is all a difficult situation to the female gender. You need to calm down, take sometime to learn before embarking on that phase of your life.
2. Do not stop your education. 
Lots of youths tend to stop their education when they eventually turn eighteen years old, they believe they are old and do not need to go to school, this is a very wrong idea and the education is a very important Aspect of human life which should never be neglected by both gender of the human race irrespective of age difference.
3. Look for a legal means of earning income. 
As youth, you’re referred to as an adult yourself and people begins to look upto you, you’re have now gotten to a phase in your life where you need to be independent. The best way to achieve this is to get a good and legal steady source of income.
4. Go into courtship. 
Many youths feel it is not the right time to go into courtship at the age of eighteen, but many also regret not taking this decision by the time they turn thirty years old, it very advisable to go into courtship at this age and get to know your spouses for a possible marriage.


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5. Do not jump into conclusion when make a decision.
This is absolutely one of the important aspect of life, making decision is not something that a person should rush while doing, decision making need careful attention and wise dealings, make a wrong decision could have a negative impact in a person’s life if care is not taken.
Turning eighteen does not mean that all the decision you take are accurate or correct, the difference about the desicion you make after you turned eighteen and the decision you made before you turned eighteen  is that you become legal responsible for decision you make when you turn eighteen and you will be held accountable by law for any decision you make after you’ve turn eighteen years old,  but for the decision you made while you where not yet eighteen years old, you might be pardon by law in some countries and not face legal consequence.
Before making a decision, consult the right people who had done the things that you’re about to do, only get to know about their experience and then make use of that to taking your own decision, do not let anyone decide for you because in the end you might regret such a decision.

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