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It is no more news that the situation of Nigeria has mounted pressure to her households. Some of the problems facing them are the issues of insecurity, unemployment, poor economy, unavailability of social amenities, and many bad things we could think of. This orchestrates the bad state of the country. Many Nigerians cannot afford a square meal per day because of the issue of products and ingredients that have astronomically high. This and many undiscovered things have accumulated negative things on their hearts. Apart from those individuals that have lost interest in the progress of the country, there are many minds whose beliefs are to see Nigeria grow again. These sets of people have been contributing, in many ways, their quotas to the development of country. They are indeed patriotic! For the patriotic fellows, they have visions for the country and those visions are not far to seek.

Without doubt, we have heard the issue of restructuring circulating round the country. I know you will not want to absolutely buy the idea, but to go separate ways is the best option for you. I want you to have patient minds and see the world behind the restructuring. From it, we will better our motherland together.

It is a common belief that education is the bed rock for every nation. A nation lagging behind in it there is a probability for retrogression. From the current status of Nigeria, she has in many ways improved. Globalpartnership reported that in late March 2020, the UNICEF office in Nigeria received a GPE grant of US$140,000 to support the Ministry of Education with preparing a COVID-19 education strategic framework on continuity of learning. What does this suggest? It suggests that we are moving forward. And this can be realized through our collective responsibilities.

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Nigeria is improving on technology. This will really sound weird to us, but it is really true. Nigeria has technologically improved on her conduction of election. Happiness rented the air when it was officially announced that we can now register for voter’s card online. This improvement will safe many Nigerians much stress from queuing at the INEC office for registration. On this view, Nigeria is moving forward.

Nigerians are by all means seeking remedy to the issue of insecurity in Nigeria. Many like Ralph Egbu who wrote to The Sun Newspaper to offer some feasible solutions to the issue of insecurity that has been rubbing us much needed sleep is a good indication that the future of the country is bright. The youth are also bringing in different moves with the sour aim to better the country.

In conclusion, I have listed the indications that show how the world before Nigeria will be brighter. And those points corroborate where the country is going, a greater place.

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