Why you should plant flowers around your home

There are lots of reasons why you should plants flowers around your home, Flowers are magnificent plants with a lot of benefits to humans, many people exclude flowers from the list of weed plants while quite a few also does not agree with the opinion of removing flowers from the list of weed plants.

Here are reasons why you should plant flowers around your home


They beautify your home
Flowers are magnificent and beautiful, there are lot and different kind of flowers in the world, it is left for a person to choose which type or kind of flower you with to plant around your home, these flowers makes the appearance of your home very beautiful and very attractive to visitors and passer by’s, flowers are very eye catching and it often makes people appreciate the look of your home.
Flowers are good for fresh air
Flowers are plant and plants produce oxygen which all humans breath. The presence of flowers at your home will make fresh oxygen air available for your breathing and this will improve your health status and not just you alone will benefit from this, including people around your surrounding will benefit fit from this.
They can be used to guide your home
Flowers can be used as fence to guide your home to a little extent, this will require your time and energy to do, but if you can’t do this alone you can always employ the service of gardeners to help you out.


They can be used as a sun shade

Flowers are also used as sun shade, roof protection from sun, to do this you will have to create a roof skeleton structure and then attach flowers which then grow on the roof structure and cover it with leafs entirely, this requires a certain period of time for the flower to grow and attach it self to the roof structure.

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