Why you should take pictures of yourself often

A picture means a lot of things, few pictures combined together can tells a lot of stories, few pictures of a person tells a lot of stories about such person, pictures help us to capture a moment memory in still life form.
Below are few reasons why it is important to take pictures often
For reference to an event
 A picture tells a lot of story, a mere stare at a  picture of you can remind you of where you took that photo, it reminds you of the event that happened where you took the picture, it serves as proof that you’ve been to the location where you took that picture, it even reminds of how you looked as at the time you took the picture of your self.
The picture serves and is a reference to the event and most thing  that happened when you took such for picture.
As decoration
A picture is a great means of decoration, it is in form of Art that beautify a home, office and many more. A picture adds value to the beauty of an event decoration, most people, expert and organizations use picture decoration to boost the beauty of their environment, decorations  for bedroom,
For official use 



Pictures are a means of identification neccesary for official duty and events, a good  example an official picture is a passport photograph that is mostly required in almost all organization and institutions in the world, Lots of people formed the good habit of having few passport photographs at home incase of an urgent official need for it.
As a gift 
A picture is a perfect gift an human being can give to his or her friends, family or anybody they wish, a picture is always appreciated by people. Most people use pictures for birthday as birthday gift, wedding gift, graduation and many more, it help the person who has been gifted the picture to store the memory of his or her event in the picture.


Pictures have far more uses and advantages even yet unknown, the worth of a picture depends on it importance to it owner and society or the event it foretales, Take a picture today.

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